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Personal Barometer

Should you fly? Let us help you decide.

Our personal barometer will allow you to define your own minimums. Whether it's VMC or IMC, minimums are a personal thing and differ greatly from pilot to pilot.

Your preset minimums are automatically compared to the closest METAR to your current location and a clear report presented to you to show exactly what the situation is.

Quickly get the overview

The main screen in toolbox is the airfields tab. This shows you a list of airfields ordered by distance from your current location.

From this screen you can see realtime information helping you decide where you can safely land if you need to get down in a hurry.

Distance, direction and time are presented in an easy to understand visual way, as is the weather and meteoroligcal conditions.

Everything you need to know

You can drill down on a specific airfield to get more detailed information about that airfield, as well as the conditions on the ground.

A runway is suggested to you based on wind and your presets. All runways are shown to you with the suggested runway highlighted.

The runway layout orients automatically based on your position, so what you see on the screen should reflect what you see on the ground based on your approach vector.

Fast an easy weight and volume calculations

Weight and volumes are something every pilot needs to know by heart. We want to encourage this so we show a simple conversion table along with the relationships between the numbers.

Updating any of the metrics will update the rest using the calculations shown. A simple slider will help you quickly adjust and get an idea of where you are in your flight envelope.

Pocket Instrumentation

Devices nowadays have a multitude of gizmos and sensors. Did you know most modern phones have a barometer for example?

We approximate instruments to help you in case of a total or partial panel loss. Tapping an instrument will enlarge it and give you other raw metrics as read by your device's sensors.

Note: These gauges are not a replacement for the aircraft's panel. Never takeoff with failed instrumentation.

Stay Informed

We are friends of EASA and support their mission to improve safety in aviation.

For that reason we want to make it easy for you to stay informed. You can opt-in to receive EASA updates as well as the popular comic strip Sunny Swift.

You can switch off these notifications at any time from the app settings. We also have a quick link to the latest news from EASA right from your phones homescreen.

Get it now, it's easy... and completely free!

We are constantly working to expand and improve our tools, with particular focus on tools that enhance flight safety in GA. If you have any ideas of how we can improve or expand our tools, please let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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